Michele Bachmann and the Left

I told my apolitical daughter I'd interviewed Michele Bachman the day before and asked if she knew who Bachmann is.  My daughter thought for a second and said, "Yeah, that crazy lady." With the exception of Sarah Palin, no one has been demonized by the media as much as the congresswoman from Minnesota.  The notorious Newsweek cover picture, headlined "The Queen of Rage," epitomized scores of hit pieces by the boys and girls of the MSM.  But when open-minded writers actually spoke with her, it was a different story.  According to Bachmann, reporters for three major publications -- she wouldn't name them -- after extensive interviews with her, submitted stories that were not only fair and balanced, but sympathetic.  These were spiked by editors looking for yet another slash-and-burn article.  The writers were unhappy, and they let Bachmann know. But apart from revealing this information, even when pressed, Bachmann would not criticize the MSM.  "When I...(Read Full Article)