Media Madness, and the Reckoning

Last week a line was crossed, and full blown insanity manifested itself in the formerly-mainstream media.  My friend JMH is a model of a temperate media consumer, but watching the coverage of the Republican convention, she could not contain her fury: Something just snapped today, when I read about the race baiters at MSNBC not even airing any of the Convention's minority speakers. Even if Artur Davis weren't black, how is it a non-story, when the guy who seconded Obama's nomination ends up with a prime time spot on the GOP Convention stage? Ditto for covering Ted Cruz, who pulled off the most spectacular extremist Tea Party upsets of campaign 2012. It's not just MSNBC either; NBC "curated" both of them right out of "some of the notable speeches" in Tampa. I know, I know. I know. But it's the brazenness of it all that just stuns me, and keeps on stunning me, no matter how prepared to expect it I should be by now. Today, however, I'm also stunned by just how deep the reservoir of...(Read Full Article)