McMahon in Connecticut: She's Baaaaaack!

Linda McMahon, the tenacious and successful business executive, who two years ago beat the Republican establishment in the U.S. Senate primary in Connecticut, is shaping up to be a nightmare for Connecticut Democrats.  The candidate for U.S. Senate threatens an upset of their anti-business, redistributionist, and nanny-state agenda in a state they have taken for granted. In Connecticut, as in neighboring Massachusetts and New York, it's long been what the Democrats want, the Democrats get.  But polls show that McMahon has been "unexpectedly" pulling ahead -- mainstream media-speak for "we sure hate to report this, but integrity demands an occasional stab at the truth"-- and offer a ghostly glimpse of the future in the national contest between another successful business executive -- Mitt Romney -- and a president who would feel right at home in this New England state's Democrat establishment. Indeed:  she's baaaaack.  That's an adaptation of the line from...(Read Full Article)