Killing the Messenger, Obama's Way

What do CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Bibi Netanyahu, a Lebanese website, and Mitt Romney all have in common? They told some truths inconvenient for President Barack Obama.  They are now enemies of hope, enemies of change.  They are a big pain in the rear for the man who "leads from the rear" by leading with his rear. President Obama thinks critics and foes need not only to be defeated, but to be crushed and shamed in the public square. Obama and his team said CNN's reports on terror in Libya were "disgusting" and "indefensible," that Mitt Romney's comments on Obama's policy show that he likes to "shoot first and aim later," unlike straight-shooting, straight-talking Sheriff Obama. Actually, CNN, Romney, The Wall Street Journal, Netanyahu, etc. all found or revealed facts showing that the Emperor of Hope and Change is naked -- not a wise anti-terror sheriff who got Osama bin Laden, but an inept and negligent custodian of U.S. national security who prefers to play golf or...(Read Full Article)