It's Not Bush's Fault

Madeleine Albright recently made headlines responding to a question about when Democrats might stop blaming President Bush for economic difficulties and other contemporary problems.  She flippantly responded:  "Never."  Her comment was symptomatic of our pathological intellectual culture that has been locked now for decades in a mode of denial about the fault lying among anti-conservatives for the nation's ills.  Among the most treasured rhetorical heirlooms in this dysfunctional history is the meme "It's Bush's fault." To be clear, the meme suggests that an array of problems all stem from the presidency of George W. Bush.  Most principally, these problems include deficit spending, severe economic recession, unemployment, and global contempt for America.  These problems are so profound and so entrenched that no Democrat or team of Democrats could ever hope to extract the nation from this Mariana Trench of political disaster.  Mere mortals are slowly...(Read Full Article)