Islamic Feelings of Entitlement

It has become ever more obvious that there is a deep psychological affinity between liberals and Islamofascists.  On the face of it, this affinity seems absurd: liberals champion gay rights and a so-called emancipation of women, while Islamofascists seem never quite happy unless they are stoning homosexuals or degrading women.  But the affinity is not absurd, and understanding it means understanding the colossal errors of judgment made recently by the U.S. president and secretary of state. Governor Romney backed ungracefully into the truth when he complained about the 47 percent and all those embarrassing apologies: Democrats, and especially the president, have systematically cultivated an entitlement mentality and sought to expand it to the tipping point that ensures endless political dominance.  Muslims feel entitled, too, and that is why appeasement does not work.  It's not just that Muslims prefer strong horses to weak ones, as Osama bin Laden put it. ...(Read Full Article)