Iran's Zone of Impunity

Experts may debate the prospects of how soon Iran will enter the zone of immunity -- when air strikes will be unable to derail the regime's nuclear weapons program.  However, what are not debatable are the facts.  Iran kills American soldiers, plans murders in our capital, boasts how cleverly its people have fooled international inspectors and played negotiators for fools, launches cyber-attacks against America, and proudly declares its genocidal goal.  The response of Barack Obama has been so feckless that Iran no longer even bothers to hide its nefarious, criminal, and warlike behavior.  Tehran's contempt for the American president is palpable.  The Iranians know they can act with impunity.  We have seen this script play out before, and it did not end well. For years, Iranians have actively aided murderers of American soldiers.  This predated 9/11.  The terror bombings in Beirut decades ago were committed by Iranian-allied Hezb'allah....(Read Full Article)