How Obama Misunderstands Freedom, and How He Failed It

Barack Obama addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations this week, and reaffirmed America's dedication to fostering democracy throughout the world, because "democracy put[s] us on the side of the people."  He suggests that America supports democracy because "we believe that freedom and self-determination are not unique to one culture." As justification for his support of the Arab Spring uprisings, he says that he "believes" that a desire for freedom is "universal" among cultures and nations.  But there are certainly exceptions to that supposed "universality."  After all, in 2006, we "believed" that the people of Gaza might democratically opt for a peaceful and tolerant regime that could promote freedom.  As a result, the terrorist group Hamas was elected by a highly indoctrinated population and is now tied to the Palestinian Authority's bid for statehood, even as the group slaughters dissenters in Gaza and continues to routinely fire rockets into...(Read Full Article)