Hope and Chains

Joe Biden's comment "They gon' put y'all back in chains" has shone a light on a truth the Democratic Party and its adjutants in the media have suppressed for over half a century.  That is that the party's electoral victories have been built upon the suppression of the aspirations of many of the nation's most disadvantaged American citizens: blacks living in the nation's inner cities.  A look back at the party's history reveals how this came to be. The Democratic Party was founded in the early 1830s, to challenge what its members thought were concerted efforts to grant the federal government additional powers to expand commerce.  Their opposition, the Whig Party, believed in a stronger central authority to develop needed infrastructure and incentives.  But the issue of slavery tore the Whigs apart, and  many of its former members joined others in establishing the anti-slavery Republican Party. The South's defense of slavery and its bitterness over the...(Read Full Article)