Harvard's Plagiarism Panic

Harvard University, Regis of America's higher educational system, has been rocked by an enormous cheating scandal. What is the big deal?  Harvard may not officially encourage plagiarism, but it hardly frowns on the practice, either.  Consider: legendary law professor Laurence Tribe was guilty of plagiarism, as were former Harvard prof and current Massachusetts senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren Law and Harvard grad and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin.  These luminaries of Harvard get caught, mumble a stilted apology, and move right along, so why shouldn't the student body in general. What is happening at Harvard? It's simple -- Harvard has sold its soul to progressivism, a bankrupt philosophy, yet it still demands high performance from its students to maintain its illustrious image.  And liberalism is a relativistic belief system that holds no absolute truth and that emphasizes the material nature of Man rather than the spiritual, so there is no moral...(Read Full Article)