Hard Truths for Hispanic and African-American Voters

"The largest and fastest-growing minority group in the United States last year remained Hispanics at 52 million, or nearly 17 percent of the nation's population. The Black population was 43.9 million." As the current largest minority voting bloc in America, it would behoove Hispanics to examine the facts of how African-Americans, the former largest minority voting bloc, are currently doing economically and socially after such a long history of support for the Democratic Party. African-Americans have been major supporters of the Democratic Party since 1964, when the Civil Rights Act was passed under Democrat President Lyndon Johnson.  For almost six decades, the Democratic Party has averaged receiving an astounding 88 percent of the African-American vote.  That's an enormous investment by African-Americans in the Democratic Party.   The information needed to assess the return on that investment can be easily found on the internet in research reports and economic data...(Read Full Article)