Frank Marshall Davis, Jr.?

In Laughter and Forgetting, novelist Milan Kudera describes a photo taken of the leaders of the Czech Communist Party on a balcony in Prague.  In the original picture, Vladimir Clementis stands next to Prime Minister Klement Gottwald.  But after Clementis was purged from the Party, he was airbrushed out of the photo.  However, he had given his hat to Gottwald, and in the new photo, widely reproduced, it sits on the PM's head.  This is all that remains of Clementis. In a photo on Barack Obama's Facebook page, his mother Ann Dunham stands with her father in what looks like the Honolulu Airport.  Between them are a chubby Barry and his half-sister Maya.  Tucked under Barry's arm is a hand.  It is not Ann's hand.  It appears to be that of a black male.  There is additional evidence that someone was airbrushed out and replaced by Ann. Who's the missing African-American male? It's the same guy, Joel Gilbert believes, who is MIA in the...(Read Full Article)