Everyone is Ultimately a 'Values Voter'

Last week on The O'Reilly Factor, Dennis Miller made a brilliant point that seemed to get glossed over.  He mentioned the last scene of the 1957 classic The Bridge on the River Kwai.  In that scene, Alec Guinness, playing Colonel Nicholson, the bridge's architect, realizes the mistake he's made and literally gives his dying breath to correct it -- his body falls onto the detonator that blows his precious achievement sky-high.  Alec's character throughout the movie had gotten so caught up in building an architectural marvel that he had forgotten that there was a war going on, that he was actually a prisoner of that war, and that his excellent work was without a doubt aiding and abetting the enemy! Dennis Miller alluded to the fact that it was time for rational people in the Democratic Party to wake up.  The country itself is being destroyed, and party politics needs to be set aside in order to save it. Many have pointed to the similarities between this political...(Read Full Article)