Eric Holder, 'Hate Crimes,' and 'His People'

A group of those whom Eric Holder described as "his people," at least six young men, repeatedly punched a 24-year-old white woman in the face, then proceeded to kick her face over and over when she was on the ground helpless.  This occurred in Buffalo, New York last week, but the event has received no attention by the mainstream media because the victim was white and the attackers were black.  This was no friendly urban jostling: the woman was left with a broken nose and cracked bones in her face. There must have been a little bit of hate in at least one of those kicks to the face, but you can bet it won't be charged as a hate crime. Instead, those Eric Holder described as "his people" seem to get a pass on hate crimes charges when they select whites as victims.  But is it unfair to suggest that young black criminals are Eric Holder's people?  The attorney general didn't say "my people when they are law-abiding," and...(Read Full Article)