End America's Middle East Engagement

The Roman philosopher Seneca observed, "It is human to err, but stupid to persist."  It has been a serious mistake to get involved in the Middle East the way America did after the activation of NATO and its make-believe "success" in the Balkans in the decade of the 1990s.  The war in Afghanistan is lost; Iraq is rapidly leaving our sphere of influence; Pakistan, in fact, has been out of reach all along.  Iran is nearing possession of the atomic bomb.  Most of all, the majority of people of the Islamic faith there do not want us in their houses and, as a consequence, many fall for the siren songs of jihadists. Why do we persist? The "Arab Spring" has been an unquestionable mirage.  At best, it may take a couple of generations of persevering emancipation and sincere strivings by Arabic secular and religious elites for the current dark winter of cultural, social, and religious conditions to give in to the sunshine of real democracy, human dignity, pervasive...(Read Full Article)