Empty Chair Leadership: Obama's History of Shirking Duty

Among historians and political scientists, there are long-running debates on presidential greatness, how to define it, and how it is achieved.  One thing is for certain: the measure of a president is defined by the greatness of the events and challenges that he faces while in office.  Some presidents rise to these challenges and enter the pantheon of greatness.  Other presidents choose the wrong path or lack the vision to recognize the moment and are relegated to historical mediocrity or worse. It would be easy to define the great challenge of Barack Obama's presidency as restoring America's economy, but that is too simplistic a view.  The great challenge of the Obama presidency is staving off American decline. The post-Cold War world entered a period of American predominance as the sole superpower, but things have changed since then.  The rise of Russia and China and their attempts to expand their economic and political spheres of influence threaten America's...(Read Full Article)