Education from an Objective Perspective

Can insight from a brilliant, prolific, yet little-known (at least in secular circles) theologian lead the way to real education reform? In his thorough work Method in Theology (1971), the esteemed theologian Bernard Lonergan explained that "in the world mediated by meaning and motivated by value, objectivity is simply the consequence of authentic subjectivity, of genuine attention, genuine intelligence, genuine reasonableness, genuine responsibility."  He goes on to note that "[m]athematics, science, philosophy, ethics, theology differ in many manners; but they have the common feature that their objectivity is the fruit of attentiveness, intelligence, reasonableness, and responsibility." As a new school year gets underway, Lonergan's insight would benefit educators in their noble task of instruction.  In an academic sphere dominated by relativism, a serious return to objectivity would be a welcome refreshment to the advancement of knowledge and the advancement of...(Read Full Article)