Dreams from Ann Dunham's Girlfriends

In a recent article, "Dreams From Governor Abercrombie," the relentlessly false claims Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie made concerning our president's birth were exposed.  Upon examination, it appears that Ann Dunham's girlfriends from high school were having "dreams" just as fanciful as Abercrombie's. Like Abercrombie's story, the girlfriends' early versions of Ann's visit to Seattle track with details from Obama's autobiography, Dreams from My Father.  This is the same story Obama rolled out in both convention speeches -- the "improbable love," the multicultural marriage, the hopes for Barry's future.  Unfortunately for Abercrombie, Susan Botkin Blake, and Maxine Box, we now know that their recollections are in no small part erroneous. The question that needs to be asked is whether these recollections were innocent or orchestrated.  The evidence suggests the latter.  The evidence also suggests collusion between the storytellers and the major media to shape...(Read Full Article)