Don't Let Romney Be the Republican Party's Last Hurrah

It's a mystery: why are there so few blacks in the Republican Party? The answer to that question, I believe, is one of the keys to the survival of our Republic. At one time blacks were Republican and Baptist, in that order.  Those days, the dirtiest name you could call a black man wasn't "nigger," but "Democratic nigger."  If you did, blood was surely going to be spilt -- most likely yours.  Blacks were so anti-Democrat that they went to great lengths to root out blacks who supported the party that had enslaved them, their families, and their ancestors. If you were found out to be a black Democrat, you stood a good chance of being shunned, beaten and -- at worst -- killed by other blacks.  Some black women refused to have relations with black men and husbands who supported Democrats, which pretty much is a deal-breaker for me in any circumstance.  There were even instances when the Ku Klux Klan -- Democrats all -- had to step in and protect black Democrats...(Read Full Article)