Deciphering Iran's Nuclear Intentions

In the last half-year, the public chatter about the Iranian nuclear program has grown to a daily splurge of articles worldwide.  The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times crowd their reports with this or that pundit's speculations based on declarations by a variety of sources in Tehran, Washington, and Jerusalem. Much heat is generated, but unfortunately, very little light is brought forth. In truth, Iran is a hard place to decipher; it is a nation of many contradictions, and even in the best of times, its culture is exotically foreign and mysterious to the Western observer.  Add to that the overlay of mystical Shia millennialism espoused by the current Islamist theocratic leadership, and the fog becomes almost impenetrable. Yet, with a modicum of research into Persian history, and more importantly into the history of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its leaders, it is possible to penetrate the fog and get a reasonable idea of what the terrain looks...(Read Full Article)