Culture, Statecraft, and Obama's Middle East Failure

A nation advances its interests not just by the exercise of good policy decisions, but also by the acknowledgement of policy failures.  Obama's Middle East policy has been a consummate failure, and the repeated fabrications of what happened in Benghazi show an administration so devoted to its policies in the region that it has concocted explanations whose absurdity rivals that of Baghdad Bob at the height of his media exposure.  On Sunday, September 23, former Obama press secretary and current campaign adviser Robert Gibbs was still peddling the line that the situation was fluid and that new facts were coming into play.  But the facts that have long been in play repeatedly contradict the administration's evolving narrative.  We now know that there was no demonstration outside the American consulate in Benghazi.  The attack on the consulate did not evolve spontaneously from a nonexistent demonstration that got out of hand.  There is nothing spontaneous...(Read Full Article)