Craftsmen of Capital

Imagine a craftsman -- a woodworker.  Over the years, he has developed considerable skill with various wooden structures: chairs, cabinets, tables, shelves, and similar furniture.  His expertise allows him to construct excellent pieces with clean and sturdy lines.  He has refined techniques that allow him to work efficiently with high quality.  He has collected and even developed critical tools that have enabled him to perfect his craft. Of course there is more to his quality than the tools. He has learned a sequence of steps and has come to quickly recognize quality in his raw materials.  After years honing his skills, he knows exactly what to have available for a job beforehand, saving time.  He knows techniques that preserves the quality of the finish.  Even when he encounters a new challenge, his perspective and experience allow him to address it quickly with excellent results. His skills support an attitude that will not accept inferior...(Read Full Article)