Climate Realism

Even with the Kyoto Protocol due to expire at the end of this year, Obama persists in giving highest priority to climate change policy if re-elected.  Does the U.S. really want to lead the world in committing economic suicide?  It pays to look at the rapidly disappearing scientific rationale for trying to mitigate a putative future global warming. In an essay "Why the Global Warming Skeptics are Wrong" in the New York Review of Books of Feb. 22, 2012, Yale professor William D. Nordhaus attempts to counter the arguments of a group of 16 prominent scientists who published an essay, "No Need to Panic about Global Warming," in the Wall Street Journal on Jan. 27, 2012. Two crucial points may have been overlooked in the debate: **Evidence for anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is problematic. **A modest warming is likely to be beneficial -- not damaging. First, some background: I have known Bill Nordhaus for about 40 years; he certainly is no wild-eyed alarmist, but rather a...(Read Full Article)