Civil Rights and the LGBT Movement

According to the study of eugenics conducted by Lutz Kaelber, it wasn't so long ago in my home state of Delaware that homosexuals were arrested, tried, incarcerated, and even sterilized because it was believed that they were mentally defective.  It was thought that their genetic makeup ineluctably inclined them to homosexual acts, much as the genes of the Jukes and Kallikak families supposedly inclined them to stupidity, licentiousness, and criminality.   Since the high tide of the horrific eugenics movement of the 1920s and '30s, Delaware has moved across the spectrum -- from incarceration and sterilization of homosexuals to embracing the entire spectrum of gay rights as promoted by the far left.  Delaware's governor Jack Markell and the state's overwhelmingly Democratic legislature now support the LGBT liberation agenda, including gay marriage, as a matter of civil rights.  Behavioral genetic determinism, once a basis for the state's odium and persecution of...(Read Full Article)