Can Obama Cruise to Victory?

Just before the Republican National Convention, a mainstream media (MSM) narrative began to take shape.  The false meme stated that Obama had the momentum and the necessary support to easily win re-election.  Soon another feature was added to the construct -- i.e., that Obama's re-election is inevitable.  Too often this narrative was supported by selective polling data that underpinned the stories and purported to make them true.  The stories said Obama is inevitable because Romney is dangerous, cares only for the rich, cannot empathize with ordinary people, isn't likeable, and lacks needed experience, intelligence, and even the temperament to be the president.  And good grief, he selected Paul Ryan as his running mate, thus the conclusion must be obvious. The result of this tragedy (not just a mistake, but a catastrophe, a tragedy): if Romney were to be elected, it would mean no health care, no Medicare, no abortions, and an extremist Supreme Court. ...(Read Full Article)