Bring on the Cuccinelli Principle

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has made enemies by fighting big, lawbreaking government.  His critics often unwittingly help his run for Virginia governor in 2013 because they stand in stark contrast to his view of government bound by the rule of law. Unlike many other state attorneys general who sometimes swarm like wolf packs against only the private sector, Cuccinelli takes a more even-handed approach to tackling lawbreaking in both the private sector and government. He was the first to file a lawsuit against ObamaCare, and he's taken the Environmental Protection Agency to court for its job-killing regulations, which Cuccinelli believed exceeded the EPA's legal authority. Cuccinelli's biggest problem in enforcing the law on government is a legal system that has come to be flawed and even corrupt in how it too often protects government lawbreaking. Statewide, Cuccinelli recently announced his support for an amendment to the Virginia Constitution that would return the...(Read Full Article)