We know that even an environmentally conscious country club member may not park a Prius on the golf course.  Nonetheless, assuming she did, what would be a sensible response to the club's objection (multiple answers may apply):  (a) move the car, (b) leave the car but expect to be thrown out of the club, or (c) call the New York Times and complain about "The Man"? If you answered (a) and (b), you are correct.  The sensible choices are to move the car or find another country club.  But that doesn't mean that no one out there will mark (c). In reference to Sister Simone Campbell, director of a self-described "progressive voice within the Catholic community," the New York Times opened online with an unlikely claim: Catholics across the country are stunned and outraged by the Vatican's attempt to threaten the women who have been the backbone of this church for centuries. ... [T]hey stand in solidarity with the sisters and their good works among the poor and...(Read Full Article)