Barack Hoover Obama

In a lame attempt to defend his pathetic economic record, President Obama argued that he inherited the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and that he's leading America to a better place.  In reality, Obama implemented policies that ensured the worst economic "recovery" since that depression. Let's take a look back.  The president during that period of turmoil, Herbert Hoover, a Republican, is commonly portrayed as having opposed government intervention and, therefore, as having done nothing to prevent the depression.  However, the opposite is true. In his day, Hoover was called the "Great Engineer" because of his fondness for social engineering.  Hoover strongly believed that government, business, and unions should work together to build a better life for everyone.  Sound familiar?  Former president, and current Democratic fundraiser, Bill Clinton argued in favor of that same approach on Wednesday night during his DNC speech. This is...(Read Full Article)