Bad News for Black Families

When we assess the President's post-election performance and the effects of his redistributive and regulatory policies, we find that, like a falling tide, he is sinking everyone.  We also find that although Barack Obama has hurt all American families, he has hurt black families most of all.  The metaphor of the economy as a tide is particularly helpful.  When the tide rises, our boats rise.  When the tide falls, our boats fall.  Just as water may not be subdivided to make some boats rise and others fall, our economy cannot be subdivided, either.     Similarly helpful is Democrat Daniel Moynihan's longstanding observation: During times when jobs were reasonably plentiful ... the Negro family became stronger and more stable. As jobs became more and more difficult to find, the stability of the family became more and more difficult to maintain. Black families are faring worse than at any time in the last 25 years, and worse than at this point with...(Read Full Article)