Are We Smarter Than Our Cars?

An SUV speeds out of control down the interstate highway; its accelerator stuck, the vehicle exceeds 100 mph as the woman behind the wheel swerves to avoid other traffic, even veering onto the grassy median to pass slower-moving vehicles. All the while, she is on her cell phone to 9-1-1, and Highway Patrol cruisers are following, using their lights and sirens to try to warn vehicles in the SUV's path, and capturing the whole episode on their dashcams. This was the story that got several days of TV coverage in the Kansas City metro last week, and provoked a lot of discussion on the radio. The SUV eventually slowed down, apparently of its own volition, and was brought to a stop.  The dashcam footage shows the woman being helped out of the vehicle, still holding her phone to her ear.  Miraculously, there were no crashes, and no one was hurt. What struck me while watching the TV coverage was how everyone concerned -- from the driver to the 9-1-1 dispatchers to the TV reporters...(Read Full Article)