Another Friday at Gleason's

It's Friday, and I am showing up at Gleason's Gym at eight o'clock am for a full day of teaching.  I am looking forward to meeting my oldest student, the Judge.  For the first time in fifteen years, we arrive at the same time.  Hail and hither.  Not fare thee well.  Heidi ho. We are happy to see each other.  We have been beating each other up forever.  Fighting brings closeness.  You ever notice fighters hugging each other after a pro fight?  They are best friends.  They respect each other.  I wonder if Obama ever had a fight?  Ducking fights leads to cowardice.  It leads to drones rather than boots on the ground.  It rebounds in the timidity of the leader being communicated to the troops.  Soldiers don't like Obama.  They are brave.  As for me, I'd love to dominate Obama in a three-round boxing bout.  Shame on me.  I'm 65. The Judge and I go into my office.  He surprises me when...(Read Full Article)