And All the Democrats Said, 'AMEN!'

The Democrats who booed God may have left out an important consideration: maybe God wasn't attending the convention. Some observers have said God had already left the building by the time the folks in charge wrote him out of existence along with his long-favored city of Jerusalem.  A lot of questions are being asked.  Did the Democrats think that by writing God back in, he'd come back?  Did they think they were doing God a favor? Who knows the answers? We'll leave those theological mysteries for the Democrats to ponder. What we do know is that boos and jeers greeted the idea that God and Jerusalem be written back into Democrat scripture.  It seems the catcalls were surefire indicators that a god other than Jehovah almighty was being worshiped by the devotees of the fundamentalist left. Who might that god be? Wait!  Holy heck!  What the...?  The new god has spoken from the convention floor!   It's channeled through the voices of the...(Read Full Article)