An Evening with Rafael Cruz

If you've ever wondered whether leadership can be passed on to children from the genetic makeup of their parents, you should meet Rafael Cruz, the father of Ted Cruz, who has recently won the GOP nomination for U.S. Senator from Texas.  My wife Annette and I had the pleasure of sitting with the senior Cruz on last week at a dinner meeting of the Flower Mound, Texas Republican Club. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I love a stirring political debate.  I've been involved in politics from within and without for most of my adult life.  Annette, a better politician than I'll ever be, quickly seized the moment, introducing herself to Mr. Cruz and launching into Spanish -- "dropping some palabras," as she calls it -- as a way of making an ethnic connection. Mr. Cruz, also bilingual, is one of those people whom you instantly feel comfortable with and know you're going to like. After the introduction, Annette switched our seats so we could spend the evening chatting with...(Read Full Article)