American Jews Face Their Days of Awe

As we enter this holiday season of personal reflection, I find myself pondering several existential questions pertaining to the survival of Israel and, by extension, the Jewish people.  What will American rabbis choose to talk to their congregants about in their High Holiday sermons?  On what issues will American Jews reflect as they pray to be inscribed for another year in the Book of Life?  And what is God "thinking" as he looks down upon his Chosen People in 2012, just 64 years after he returned them to the Holy Land after thousands of years of wandering the globe? President Obama hosts an annual pre-holiday conference call with a carefully measured selection of American rabbis.  If only this were out of respect for the support that the Jewish people have given to him and his party.  But alas, the purpose of the Obama conference call is to sell his policies to his faithful followers and to provide marching orders to his generals in the field to follow as...(Read Full Article)