Advice for Romney from National Review's Editors

On Thursday morning, National Review's editors offered a surefire way of putting Mitt Romney over the top with "swing" voters.  Call it a circular firing squad.  Or just mush. The NR editors' advice: ladle out a share of blame to George W. Bush for the nation's economic mess.  No.  Wait.  Don't blame the former president.  Instead, indict Republican governance before Barack Obama assumed the presidency. But no, come to think of it, don't do that. Of course, you know swing voters -- that 5% to 8% of the electorate that Romney and the Republicans are handling gingerly like porcelain figurines.  Establishment Republicans and their conservative cohorts have tied themselves into pretzels to convince everyone and his brother that Romney needs to run a non-campaign campaign lest the former governor turn off undecideds.  So the Romney campaign serves out heaping-helping spoonfuls of Gerry Ford tapioca, George H. Bush cream puffs, and Bob Dole...(Read Full Article)