A Worm in the Apple

Apple is a great American success story, and we can say of the late Steve Jobs: He did build that. But there's a problem with Apple in China. The Beijing government's forced abortion policy is worming its way into the factories of Apple, Inc. Twenty-four of these factories, it is reported, have helped the Communist government's brutal efforts to prevent so-called unauthorized births to Chinese mothers. Exiled human rights champion Chen Guangcheng is reporting on the collaboration of Apple in compulsory pregnancy testing of Apple's Chinese employees. Chen told Bloomberg News that Apple should refuse to comply with such gross violations of human rights in their facilities. Chen urged Apple to take a stand for human rights -- to stop the Beijing government's cruel pursuit of young mothers. This, we know, is the real "war on women." And it's currently being waged with active collaboration of U.S. companies. Chen is also calling for the release of imprisoned Chinese Nobel Peace Prize...(Read Full Article)