A Personal Account of Arab Violence

In an unrecorded incident, an American teacher at a Saudi royal military academy was assaulted by his students, held against the classroom wall by a few so the rest could smuggle a vital exam paper out of the room. The teacher immediately alerted the Arab military administration that the paper had been stolen and that he had been assaulted, whereupon the Saudi officer asked the American teacher, "Why did you allow this?" The American, thinking the Saudi officer did not understand, repeated that he had been physically held against the wall by a crowd of young men while others rushed the exam paper out of the room, that he could not be expected to overpower a group of young Arab men. The Saudi officer responded, "I know exactly what I'm saying; I have lived in your country several years and speak English accurately.  I am asking, how could you allow your students to think you were weak enough to allow such a thing?  It is part of your responsibility to establish discipline in...(Read Full Article)