A Dose of Real-World Intel on Iran

I've been out of the intelligence business for many years now, so I've stayed out of the debate over Iran's nuclear program.  I learned a long time ago that when people who don't have access to highly classified intelligence about an issue like this one prattle on about what they think is happening, or is likely to happen, they tend to get it wrong.  But the debate over Iran's nuclear program has become so feckless -- so disconnected from reality -- that perhaps it's time to inject a dose of what those of us who served on the national security side of the Reagan administration used to call "real-world intelligence."  Let's focus on the three big questions that lie at the core of this potentially literally explosive issue: When, precisely, will Iran have a nuclear weapon? In the real world of intelligence, you never get a report from a spy saying, "This country will have a nuclear bomb two weeks from Thursday."  It just doesn't work that way.  By the time a spy...(Read Full Article)