A Chicken in Every Pot: Food and Presidential Politics

Presidential campaigns always include plenty of images of the candidates and food. Sometimes, they are chomping down hamburgers in a diner to show that they are regular guys like everyone else. Other times,  they're serving pancakes to the masses  -- I never understand that one.  Maybe they are showing that they're good providers.   Yes, food is part of a presidential campaign, and this year it's a big part. That's because there are two seemingly opposing issues that are front and center. One is Food Stamps. More Americans are on Food Stamps these days than ever before. The Great Recession is supposedly over, according to the economists, but unemployment and under-employment are high. I used to work with the Food Stamp Program, and I know for a fact that most people on Food Stamps are the working poor. They are not lazy or on the take. They just have jobs with such low pay that they are eligible for such an "entitlement."  Many military families qualify...(Read Full Article)