A Call for a Pre-Election Day of Prayer

Like many citizens, I have become increasingly apprehensive about the deterioration of our national spirit.  I think the principal reason why this is happening is because we don't pray anymore. Consider the irony of the names of our holidays.  With the exception of a despised minority of "religious extremists," we no longer thank God on Thanksgiving Day, think of Christ at Christmas, or pray for our fallen heroes on Memorial Day. This "ethic cleansing" of the American way of life has been (if you'll pardon the pun) progressive.  Liberal activists have persistently nibbled away at the "free exercise" clause of the First Amendment.  Since 1962, it has been illegal to pray, even nondenominationally, in our public schools.  Even the wearing of religious symbols by teachers or students is under attack.  Although Congress declared a National Day of Prayer in 1952, judges in Wisconsin  and Colorado have recently ruled that such a government-sponsored event...(Read Full Article)