50 Shades of Grey Trilogy Normalizing Child Sex Abuse

Why isn't the blockbuster trilogy 50 Shades of Grey just another bosom-busting trashy romance novel?  After all, the endless sex scenes should have relegated the books to the erotica section in bookstores.  Instead, they have been mainstreamed to an adulating population begging for more. Looking farther into the pedestrian prose of author E.L. James, aka Erika Mitchell Leonard, we find more than just a titillating tome.  It's hard to believe that this story ever made it out of the online venue called "fan fiction."  In a normal world, the author would have been ostracized by literary critics for her lack of plot and her juvenile language.  But much worse than the poor writing are the disguised themes of pedophilia and child abuse. We don't live in normal times, and we are bombarded with the results of the old maxim "sex sells," which now reads "BDSM sex sells."  The trilogy which emphasizes BDSM has sold 25 million copies worldwide and has made its...(Read Full Article)