Zakaria and Harvard's Culture of Corruption: 3.0

First, I will acknowledge up front that this is a revised version of an earlier American Thinker article, which in itself was an update of the information contained in my book, Deconstructing Obama.  But as still another Harvard worthy gets busted for literary fraud, I feel compelled to keep updating my scorecard. The culprit this time is the painfully smug Fareed Zakaria, CNN host, Time Magazine columnist, and Harvard Ph.D.  Not surprisingly, Harvard Law's own Barack Obama is a Zakaria fan.  In a famous photo, the president is seen holding a copy of Zakaria's book, The Post-American World, a world that Obama has been hastening to make a reality. In brief, Zakaria got caught lifting a passage on gun control from an article by historian Jill Lepore published in April 2012 in the New Yorker.  There is a bit of irony here in that the New Yorker, whose editor David Remnick wrote a disingenuous...(Read Full Article)