Will the Romney Campaign Demand Release of the Obama-Khalidi Video?

Will this be the year we finally see a presidential nominee with the guts to make an issue of his opponent's extremist associations? Actually, it's already happened, but not in the way many of us wished.  President Obama recently accused Mitt Romney of allying himself with "the radical fringe of his party," in an e-mail highlighting his occasional fundraising events with Donald Trump, and now the president's campaign is warning that Paul Ryan is a dangerous extremist. The audacity of this line of attack naturally brings up the issue of Those Whose Names Must Not Be Mentioned -- Obama's own collection of terror supporters and actual terrorists he chose as mentors (and whose influence is disturbingly evident in his foreign policy).  If Romney was waiting for some kind of formal invitation before attacking the president's most glaring weakness, that invitation has arrived. Obama's fundraising off Romney's "radical" associations is an example of either chutzpah he will get away...(Read Full Article)