Will Romney Learn from the Palin Debacle?

With the selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate, Romney has the easy choice behind him.  Now comes the hard choice, the one that could well decide who takes the oath of office in January: what will the Romney campaign do when the left cranks up its slime machine and turns it on Paul Ryan? For guidance on what not to do, Romney should look to the McCain campaign's handling of the attacks on Sarah Palin.  Remember how mainstream America fell in love with Palin right after McCain selected her, even to the point of causing a run on eyeglass frames that looked like the ones she wore?  But the left started such a vicious smear campaign that her public image went from that of a bold political reformer to a caricature within days.  Instead of seizing on the lies and the hypocrisy of those vicious attacks as an opportunity to expose the true character of the left, the McCain campaign sat back and watched it happen.  The McCain campaign never recovered. Now it will...(Read Full Article)