Will Mitt Seize His Moment?

Hurricane Isaac notwithstanding, the 2012 Republican National Convention, like most in recent memory, has been orchestrated to somehow give a foregone conclusion a hint of drama.  It can be a tough sell.  But the world will be watching this week as Mitt Romney receives the Republican nomination for the presidency and has his moment to speak to history.  Actually, up until 1932, it wasn't accepted practice for a nominee to even appear at a convention to accept in person.  Instead, after the votes were counted, a delegation would travel to the candidate's hometown to notify him.  This, for example, was the case with Republican Warren Harding, who accepted the nod in 1920 on his front porch.  Franklin D. Roosevelt changed all that.  He broke with tradition and flew from New York to Chicago in 1932.  The next time he was nominated (1936), he told that audience about America's "rendezvous with destiny."  But that was only after some high...(Read Full Article)