Why Obama Thought Going Toxic Was a No-Lose Strategy

Based on his previous campaigns, it's clear that Obama is quite comfortable with personal attacks on his opponents.  From opening sealed divorce records to lies about extramarital affairs, Obama's winning mojo has been to tear the other guy down with false personal attacks while declaring that Obama himself has nothing to do with the accusations. The latest attack by team Obama, claiming that Romney is responsible for providing free health insurance to everyone who's ever worked for any company he had any interest in, fits well into the mold of Obama's mudslinging.  Obama has no problem calling Romney a killer because the wife of one employee of one company that Romney invested in died of cancer; somehow I doubt that Democrats would apply this reasoning to Ted Kennedy. What's amazing is that this strategy actually may be no-lose for Obama.  If Romney started declaring that Obama was born in Kenya, a lot of his base would think Romney was nuts.  If Romney declared...(Read Full Article)