'Why Not ObamaCare?'

Millions of people like ObamaCare.  The idea of universal coverage appeals to many Americans, as does the ability to cover adult children on a parent's policy.  Addressing the subject of pre-existing conditions and portability of health insurance are also considered to be major benefits by respondents in many polls. The left has done a good job of selling the high points of the "Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act" (ACA) to a frustrated population, leading many voters to ask Republican candidates, "Why not ObamaCare?"  We conservatives had better provide those folks with an understandable answer to that question, or we will live with the slow-motion horror of collectivist medicine for decades to come. To explain the ACA, it isn't necessary to plumb the bureaucratic depths of the legislation.  The bill itself is 2,700 pages, and the implementing regulations thus far written already exceed 13,000 pages, yet they cover only roughly 20% of the bill.  By...(Read Full Article)