Who's the Extremist?

Over the weekend, the president unleashed a new charge against his opponent.  Not only is Gov. Romney rich (apparently considered a fatal defect in and of itself), not only has he fired American workers, not only has he transported the family pet on the rooftop of his station wagon, but now he has been found to hold "extreme" views. The president was not too specific about what these extreme views might be.  Presumably they relate to Medicare, abortion rights, gay marriage, climate change, welfare, or whatever specific issue might be on the minds of voters.  The president has left it to his surrogates to fill in the blanks.  Meanwhile, he hopes to benefit from the Big Lie he has sown -- the idea that it is Romney and not the president himself who is an extremist. Apparently, someone at the White House sat down and decided that that "extremist" worked with focus groups.  In an interview with the Associated Press, Obama let it be known that he thinks Romney is...(Read Full Article)