When Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Insulted Palestinian Culture

Anyone who doubts that the media are intent on defeating Mitt Romney need only compare their coverage of his brief, innocuous comments about Israeli and Palestinian cultural differences with Hillary Clinton's remarks on the same subject when she ran for president. Sen. Clinton's blunt condemnation of the "hate-filled, violent" Palestinian culture makes Romney's speech in Israel, in which he briefly noted the link between culture and prosperity, seem truly mild by comparison -- yet only Romney's statement was treated as a scandal by the media. Clinton, then the frontrunner for the presidential nomination, joined with Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) to highlight how the "moderate" Palestinian Authority undermines any chance for peace by instilling hatred and glorifying murder in school textbooks:     Clinton called the textbooks "disturbing," adding that the content "profoundly poisons the mind of these children." "Hate has no place in the curriculum of schools and the...(Read Full Article)