What's Wrong with Big City Mayors?

High-profile progressives across the country have been humiliating themselves over a chain of chicken sandwich shops. It would seem that President Obama's words from 2009 apply here: big-city Democratic mayors are "all wee wee'd up"! It's embarrassing to witness their maligning antics.  These are not the voices of tolerance and intellectualism.  These are the rants of bullies with totalitarian tendencies.  I am gay.  Given their druthers, it seems that Mayor Rahm Emanuel would like me to stay away from Chicago; Mayor Thomas Menino would forbid me from wandering near Boston's Freedom Trail; and Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco would prefer me to remain at least forty miles outside the City by the Bay.  Why?  Because I disagree with the notion of same-sex marriage.  Their contempt is reserved for conservatives and conservatism.  These members of the Political Aristocracy indict and condemn the commonsense wisdom, values, and goodwill of Main Street,...(Read Full Article)